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  1. william

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Spruce Grove, Alberta
    I have had 2 experiences with these guys now.

    #1. They had a cheap SLK that I wanted to impulse buy for a summer toy that I didn't want to wait for to come in from Japan. Listed price is not inclusive of documentation fees, taxes, and all of the other dealer type hidden costs. Even past that I was ready to jump on it. Had a friend in BC go check it out before I flew in to buy it. Good thing... The aftermarket wheels had been replaced with some boring stock wheels and a few other non disclosed issues. I wouldn't have known about the wheels until i got there if I didn't have someone take a look for me.

    2# Local customer of mine bought a KZ Hilux through them and needed a OOP inspection done for Alberta. They told him it was already BC inspected and had no issues and showed him the inspection. He brought it to me for inspection assuming that it would have no issues since it was already gone through. The truck needed a tie rod, ball joint, had a very severe exhaust leak and zero compliance done to it. My system here is very loose and most off the boat vehicles don't need much, so when my tech fails something it's definitely bad...

    That also said I did some service work for a guy who bought his legacy there and the car was very mint and he was very happy with it overall.

    Overall I like the fact that they bring in so many vehicles. I dislike that there's the dealer type stuff going on there.
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  2. Ben

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    Feb 1, 2016

    Went to their lot 3 months ago... Their sales associate, is a lying, rude cheat of a salesman. Car quality such a *******. From what I can see, Velocity Cars sells poor quality cars over priced and there is no honor or care for the customer in their business. You're better off going elsewhere for a car, there are plenty of dealers and exporters around! I am so frustrated they have such a high rating on google reviews. Pretty sure most of them are fakes. Just compare short 5-stars reviews with 1-stars.

  3. Greg

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    Jun 20, 2013
    Vancouver Island
    Do you have a specific story or example, or just generalizing?
  4. marlowe

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    Nov 17, 2016
    Thought I would ad some feedback.
    I visited their lot back in June 2016 to have a closer look at a Toyota Altezza RS200. It was on their back fence and a bit dustier then the rest of their stock. Looking at the body it had some dings and scratches but it was nice to see how clean the rockers and what I could see around the wheel wells under the hood and trunk.
    Unfortunately it did not start. It was cranking but not firing. So that was unfortunate. One associate came by and told the associate I was dealing with to tell me it has a bad alternator.

    I believe the auction grade of the car to be 3.5 so it was nice to see the lack of rust. It's actually what gave me the confidence to try seek out a Japanese import as a viable option. I'm not a person that frequently changed cars so I'm hoping the car I am getting brought in has a good bit of life in it (still considering it's 15 years old and all).

    Back to Velocity Cars, overall it did have the feel of a greasy car lot. I likely wouldn't go through them but would likely visit again if I'm in the Vamcouver area just to look at cars. It's fun seeing all the rhd cars in one place. I didn't end up trying to test drive anything. Was under a bit of a time constraint.
  5. FrankHsu

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    Nov 30, 2016
    Very bad experience. Bought a year 1999 Audi TT from them in March 2016 and clutch broken "within a week" with less than 100Km drive. Contacted them and they just came back to blame my drive skill is bad to damage the clutch, which is not true. (I changed the clutch then and drive over half year till now and has no problem.)

    And when the clutch was broken, I was driving on a uphill, very dangerous.
    Will never recommend my friends to buy cars from them.