Used Networking Equiptment "Switchs/Firewalls?Etc" "Avaya Phone Gear"

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    Jun 20, 2013
    Lower Rainland (BC)
    I have the following Items for sale.
    All have been used in an enterprise environment for the past 5 - 8 years.
    The fans on some might be a bit louder then normal but they all work as expected.
    Just upgraded all the equipment to new stuff.

    Items are located near Vancouver, BC.
    Shipping isnt included.




    Netgear GSM7224 - $100

    Fortigate 200 - $150

    Fortigate 300A - $150

    HP Pro Curve 3400 CL (24 port) $200
    Two Available

    HP Pro Curve 3400 CL (48 port) $300
    7 available.

    Avaya 2420 and 2410 $25 each

    Polycom Sound Station 2 $100
    2 Available

    If you want to Bundle stuff shoot me your offer/what you want..

    Will trade for 3TB or bigger HDD's.