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    Sep 16, 2013
    Hotmail users may have noticed that notifications and system emails (such as password resets) are not being delivered to them. That is true, hotmail habitually blocks our email service because we share a very large network with a very small number of users which do not comply with hotmail's policies. So instead of solving the problem of sorting spammers from everyone else, hotmail simply blocks the whole network along with countless legitimate senders residing therein. A scorched earth policy to combat a fraction of a fraction of a percent of abusers on a network of millions is more than a bit extreme and certainly doesn't result in a better service, but there it is. This issue is not exclusive to us, so if you use hotmail, best ask yourself which other emails you are not receiving, how many of them are important.

    tl,dr: Hotmail sucks, blocks our emails because reasons.

    I'm considering alternative solutions, but until one is found, the hotmail problem will unfortunately persist.

    Apologies to everyone affected.
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    Hotmail sucks a big time especially after changed to "Outlook" >:(

    Thanks to Greg for quick resolution.
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