Nissan Need help with skylines and imports in general

Discussion in 'Japanese Cars' started by PGH Stigg #42, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2018
    Hey. I’m in Pittsburgh PA and while still young w and really can’t buy one yet want to learn about skyline GTRs in terms of buying one in a couple of years. First thing where in the heck can I go look at one in person around Pittsburgh (1 hr or so drive would be nice but can do longer for a good opportunity) and when buying form form an importer. What to look for. (Besides the vin codes, bad welds on mods and some of the various window seals and rubber bits). And how hard are they to care for when u own one. (Buy that i mean any major defects or pains to deal with aside form general higher mileage car problems) best example of this is plug wires on lt1 motors and impala ss’s from the mid and early 90’s. Thank u for any advice. I’m really new to all this and I’m not looking to buy right now. But want to learn as much as possible before doing so.