"Marinemaxx" 3.5" round weatherproof boat/ATV stereo

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    Jan 25, 2014
    When looking for some sort of s stereo alternative for my Beat, I stumbled across these stereos:



    (Sorry, I don't remember how to do simple links!)

    Since the Beat has a smaller than normal opening for the stereo, some cutting of plastic and metal structure is required, if you want to use a regular single din stereo. These stereos fit in a hole that is about 3.25" in diameter and are only a few inches deep, so they can fit just about anywhere.
    Some of the features it has:
    -USB port (for charging and for reading music files)
    -AUX in (but it's 2 female RCA plugs, so you need headphone style socket or plug, with RCAs on the end)
    -AUX out, for an amp.
    -FM radio
    -amp power wire

    The only features I find lacking are:
    -no volume/level adjustment for Bluetooth or AUX in. The Bluetooth level on your device must be cranked up and the actual volume on the stereo needs to be raised. If you forget to lower the volume and switch to the radio...things get very loud in a hurry.
    -no dimmer for the display. the main screen is very green and kind of bright at night.
    -AUX input is RCA
    -clock is only displayed momentarily after pushing and holding the MODE button. This is the only clock currently in the Beat. When I want to check the time to see how late I am for work, I sometimes don't hold the mode button long enough...so it changes modes. See the first issue listed above.

    Stuff I like:
    -This unit does a great job of powering the 2, 6" door speakers and sounds great! After a 45 minute drive with the music cranked, the unit does get pretty warm, but not hot and nothing I'm concerned about.
    -Bluetooth connectivity is quick and painless. Songs can be skipped and paused, using the head unit.
    -mounting is just like mounting an aftermarket gauge. Cut out a hole, slide it in, secure it with the aluminum "U" provided, tighten the nuts on the studs on the back...and you're done!
    -construction actually seems decent and a bit rugged. Buttons are large, rubbery and likely take lots of abuse. Time will tell.

    For under $100 CDN...you can't go wrong with this little thing