Subaru JDM Subaru BH/BE to USDM Headlights Coversation

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    May 22, 2020
    So I decided to make a thread on JDM Subaru Legacy BH/BE to USDM Headlights conversation since I couldn't find little to no information or video about wiring USDM headlights onto a JDM Subaru BH/BE.

    Even though I'm aware that the JDM Rev A-C and D are E-Code and will pass OOP, its an option for other people like myself that decides to install USDM Headlights onto there Subaru BH/BE for North America roads or other reasons.

    This tread will only be used to gather information and educational purpose for anyone that has never and/or have no knowledge about identifying each wire, how to wire it property, which connectors to buy that will fit onto your JDM headlight hardness connectors to wire with the USDM headlight male pigtail connectors. Once we gather information I will provide step by step guide including pictures, and possibly a video in the future if needed.

    Disclaimer: I highly recommend if you are sourcing for 2000-2004 Subaru Outback UDSM headlights from a junkyard to cut the male pigtails connectors from the harness to make your life a little easier and to wire. I also noticed that my left headlight also have different color wires comparing to my right headlight that I have shown below so keep that in mind.

    Disclaimer: Don't ask me why I want to change out my JDM headlight to USDM headlights, it shouldn't matter what I do to my own personal vehicle just like other people do to there cars, this thread is for people that wish to do this install.

    If you have any information or have done a usdm headlight conversation on the JDM Subaru Legacy BH/BE and knows which wires are which and how you did the connections, please comment done below. If my sentence structure is a bit off I apologize for that.

    Right Headlight:
    IMG_2989.JPG IMG_2990.JPG

    These are the male pigtails on the bottom pictures that I was talking about so I would recommend if you found a set at a junkyard, to cut the amle pigtails from the wire harness like I did so you would be able to used the wiring to connect to another set of connectors to you JDM connectors.

    IMG_2999.JPG IMG_2992.JPG

    IMG_3001.JPG IMG_2991.JPG
    There was no number for this male connector.
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    May 22, 2020
    After some digging online, I have look at the Rev A-C and D headlights sockets and only to find out that the turn signal and running lights are the same but some minder differences. For the Low/High Beam, I couldn't find any similarity low/high beam 4 pin sockets unless someone knows exact part to find online.

    Picture source by, username: S95R (

    The left pic is the JDM Rev A-C turn signal socket:
    Turn Signal.jpg

    1998-2001 Rev A, B, C (Turn Signal Socket) and 2000-2004 USDM (Turn Signal Socket)

    The turn signal socket on the Rev A, B, C are shaped differently from the USDM turn signal socket but I believe the sockets can be interchangeable (Will show pictures if that is the case)

    2001-2003 Rev D Only (Turn Signal Socket)

    The turn signal socket are in fact the same as the usdm turn signal socket and the oem connector will plugin and play.

    The left pic is the JDM Rev A-C running light socket:
    Runnin Lights.jpg

    1998-2003 Rev A-C and D (Running Light Socket) and 2000-2004 USDM (Running Light Socket)

    The Running light socket are in fact the same as the usdm and will plugin without any issues

    Low/High Bean connectors

    After looking online I found the the wiring Explained for the JDM and USDM low/high beam wiring.

    Source by, username: Zues Marine (

    USDM Electrical Wires Explained

    Driver Side
    Red = High Beam (Right Wire)
    Red/Blue = Power (Left Wire)
    Yellow/Blue = Low Beam (Middle Wire)

    See Picture below:
    Low-High wiring.jpg

    Passenger Side
    Red = High Beam (Right Wire)
    Black/Yellow = Power (Left Wire)
    Yellow/Blue = Low Beam (Middle Wire)

    See Picture below:

    JDM Electrical Wires Explained

    The wires are identical for both driver/passenger side. These really don't need an explanation as you can trace the wires yourself to see which one goes where.
    Red = Power (This wire goes to both high/low beam bulbs)
    Blue = City Light. (I did not hook this up as I did not have any use for it. I believe this is also their Daytime Running Light. This is paired with the low beam wire.)
    White = High Beam (Only goes to the high beam bulb)
    Black = Low Beam (Only goes to the low beam bulb)

    Looking directly at the connector with the prongs facing you and the tab/clip on top, the wires are as follow.

    Top Left = High Beam
    Bottom Left = Power
    Top Right = City Light
    Bottom Right = Low Beam

    See Pictures Below:
    low-high driver.jpg

    Can't seem to find any part number information regarding this Low/High Beam Socket (picture on top) that can be used to connect the jdm male connector (picture below) wiring hardness without the used of blade connectors or without cutting the low/high beam socket just to connect the male connector.

    If you have any information regarding the part number or the exact same Low/High Beam Socket as the one in the top picture for sale, leave a comment down below

    See Picture Below:
    Picture Source by, username: gold4dr (
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    May 22, 2020
    The socket male connector is wire to the Xenon block Subaru Legacy BH5, but it's still too expensive to buy just to only used the male connector on the bottom picture, unless there's a similar male connector in another vehicle model.

    Part Number: 84965AE000, or 39000-20651


    Picture Source:

    Another way to connect is using male blade connectors to the female connector holes, but I'm afraid it might come loose while driving.

    male blade connector

    female connector
    DSC_0119 (1).jpg