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    Jun 24, 2013
    GTA. Ontario
    Ecu talk v2 display
    Reg:$350 shipped
    Sale: $200+ shipping.

    Z32 MAF used
    Sale:$110 plus shipping

    GSS342 high pressure walbro fuel pump
    Reg:$145 plus shipping
    Sale:$90plus shipping

    Genuine oem nissan timing belt kit over
    Reg: over $550plus shipping
    Sale: $ 300 plus shipping

    Crappy hoses that only kinda fit and maybe if hacked to shit might fit better. Fair warning.
    Reg: $200 combined
    Sale :$50 plus shipping
    Free crappy samco rad hoses with purchase

    Turbo smart fuel
    Cut defender
    Sale: $65 shipped

    Panasonic hdd dvd/navi
    $200 plus shipping
    All wiring is there and works.

    Jdm deck:
    $50 plus shipping

    Pitworx&hks panel filter
    $50 shipped ( barely used)

    14pin consult plug- china
    Brand $10 plus shipping
    Comes with free software and micro to regular usb

    Misc couplers clamps vacuum hoses ssbraided lines hi temp sleeves hi temp wrap 5 bolt turbo gasket and inlet gasket plastic inlet stock R34 gtt intake box/hicas unit( 60k km)
    Oem fog lights ( ones burnt out and there no harness )
    Crappy coilpacks and harness
    - well figure out a deal

    Pictures coming soon