FuzzyLogic's 2014 Germany trip

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    Mar 15, 2016
    I went on a trip to Neumünster, Germany in 2014 to visit family and just check things out, thought you guys might want to see some of the photos I took.

    I didnt own a DSLR at the time nor was I really into taking photos at cool angles, but that changed now.

    Here are some photos...

    Heres part of the town that I stayed in for the majority of the time
    2014-06-12_182234.jpg 2014-06-20_212642.jpg 20140615_120836.jpg

    Over view of the roller coaster park I went to with my Fam
    cam00209.jpg img_7402.jpg img_7498.jpg img_7504.jpg
    This is one of the pics I took at the "Museum under the sky", it basically was a huge park that consisted of old buildings and sights... I pretty much spent a whole day there.
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