FS: MR2 SW20 94' Turbo JDM Hardtop

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    Sep 28, 2018
    MR2 SW20 94' Turbo JDM Hardtop With 3s-gte gen 3 and CT20b (around 280 hp crank ). Please note, this is right hand drive car. This car was imported in 2016. I am the only owner in Canada. This car was not a daily and driven mainly in summer and good weather. (put around 6-7k in 2 years)

    Car in good shape and solid mechanical condition. Suspension is stiff, but not the bone braking. Steering rack feels as brand new. Resent job with clutch and light flywheel made shifts perfect (light flywheel must have for these cars). Turbo and engine does not burn any oil even if reved high. Generally, drivetrain and steering in perfect condition. HKS exaust + berk downpipe sounds great.

    I have some parts in addition to throw + have a late SW20 replica wing with carbon middle section (Not on a car).
    Have EBC yellow stuff brake pad + steel brake lines. Nothing wrong with current brake pads (front around 50%, back 90%).

    Has from factory:
    - 3S-gte gen 3 with CT20B
    - Power Steering.
    - Bilstein Shocks.
    - A/C Blows cold

    Maintenance done:
    - Rear Bearings
    - Rear Ball joints
    - Stab links all around
    - Rear Stab bushings
    - Light Flywheel ACT pro light + Stage 1 Exedy Clutch. (Very balanced setup)
    - Timing belt was done around 110k in Japan.

    List of Mods:
    - HKS exhaust
    - Berk down pipe
    - Aftermarket Blow Off Valve (not sure make, but came with the car and sound good)
    - Brand new Momo wheel and quick realise.
    - K&N intake in standard air box.
    - HKS EVC6 Boost controller configured on 1 kilo.
    - wheels and good tires (more then 70% thread) . 215/17 Front - 235 / 17 back.
    - Turbo Timer

    12000 CAD

    Area - new New West in station, New Westminster, BC
    phone 6043654550 or nexusxv@gmail.com

    VIN: SW20-0094000

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    Sep 28, 2018
    Price dropped to 12000 CAD