Honda (FS) 1997 Honda Stepwagon RF1

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    Jun 20, 2013
    Richmond BC
    1997 Honda Stepwagon RF1
    Richmond BC

    2.0L B20 Engine
    Auto Transmission
    Dual Sunroof
    Seats 8, rear seats fold flat into a 'bed', middle bench seat swivels to face rear and the rear seats also fold up and out of the way.
    83,XXX kms
    BC Racing Coilovers
    AP2v1 S2000 wheels w/ Nexen Tires
    ARC Intake
    Clear Taillights
    Rear Airbag setup (bracket + bags) *Not installed*

    As for servicing, in the last while i have changed:
    - motor mounts
    - alternator
    - battery (japanese vehicles use small post terminals, i have changed to new battery and larger terminals)
    - engine torque mounts
    - drivers cv shaft
    - brakes / brake pads
    - sway bar endlink mounts
    - outer tie rods
    - inner tie rods
    - rear wheel bearings
    - spark plugs
    - fuel filter
    - transmission fluid

    The van shares many parts with CRV and Odyssey, other parts like alternator, cv shaft and inner tie rod had to be sourced from Japan.

    I imported the Van in 2012 from Pacific Coast Auto based in Yokohama. It was an auction grade 4/B and came with 42,000kms at the time.

    The body shows signs of daily use, a couple door dings, and a rear bumper that has some paint flaking off it. Slight rust bubbling under fuel door, along with a few nicks and bruises.

    ABS system doesn't work, nor has it ever, this periodically rears it's ugly head by displaying the ABS light on dash cluster. Some days it's on, some days it's not. Normal braking is not affected.

    Hate to see it go, message me with any other questions.



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