Exporter reviews: Pacific Coast JDM, Nikkyo Co, AutoRec and Brave Auto International

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    I've been importing JDM vehicles since before this and many other JDM forums starting popping up.

    After dealing with 7 difference exporters over the past 10 years, I can say that I have a good handle and experience with exporter feedback.

    I'll go in order from most recent down to the first time I've imported.

    Pacific Coast JDM (2009-2014)

    I've imported mostly Subaru JDM's via Derek Weldon. To me, he is a very friendly and honest person to deal with. Every vehicle has been satisfactory, for the exception of one (blown center differential that he could not have known about) for which he gave me credit for for future imports. One thing about me: I like to support the little guy = the guy working hard to create a solid name/company and to be able to enjoy running it. Derek is one of those guys. He works the amount of 2-4 humans and puts out an enjoyable and decent experience as an exporter. He may not be the top tier exporter, but it's nice to know your money is going to a small business owner who works hard compared to a massive corporation with hundreds of employees.

    Good: Really good, in depth video's that go over the car before it leaves Japan. Most exporters just go with the pictures and vehicle description when it comes to positive/negative vehicle notes.

    He speaks my language = canadian. It's good to communicate with a Canuck over in Japan. That's just me.

    Bad:I find that sometimes it may take longer to get the documents I need to clear the vehicle and/or the car may end up coming on a later boat than I had anticipated. It's not a deal breaker, but for some who absolutely need punctuality, definitive landing dates, then there are other options.

    Amazing Auto Imports (2009-2014)

    On the occasion when I have to either go through an importer on the Canadian side or refer someone to an importer, I usually go with Mardy at Amazing Auto Imports. He's based out of Richmond and does a pretty good job considering he's a one+ man show with a small office and 2 tier bay service shop. He's always been very good with communication via email and keeping me or the clients I've referred to him, updated on upcoming searches with that 'one' car.

    Good: Honest, local and knows a lot about the shipping industry-importing/exporting from countries outside of Japan. He imports some of the coolest, what we consider JDM spec vehicles, Left-hand drive cars from the other Pacific side of the ocean. What you can find in Japan, he may be able to find in Left hand drive format either manufacture OEM or re-done at that country. Good for people who was JDM vehicles in LHD format.

    Bad: English is not his native language and some people may find it at times difficult to communicate. With that said, it's worth it.

    *Brave Auto International (2011-2014)

    I'm putting Mark in this list because of the amazing resource that man is behind that company. I have not had the pleasure of importing via Mark, however, I have walked through hand in hand seven different people who have purchased/imported through him because of my recommendation.

    Mark is, in my opinion the cream of the crop JDM exporter. The vehicles that have come over have been amazing and the transaction/shipping/docs have all been perfect.

    Good: Wealth of JDM knowledge, high-end JDM's and easy to approach about anything JDM/Export related even if it involves advice without compensation and you are dealing with someone else. Two words : selfless + consistent

    Bad: I can't fault anything except for the format of shipping. It's personal preference. Some people prefer RO/RO which others Container. Mark ships via Container shipping. You end up paying more at the tail end of the importing process, but the upside is you can cut the cost if importing more than one vehicle. Not really a 'bad' thing.

    Nikkyo Co. (2010-2014)

    I started importing via Nikkyo due to the fact that I was able to access, what seemed like, more vehicles at auctions (daily) than through the other exporters. Whether it's due to their auction format or house listing access, I'm not sure. I did find some diamond-in-the-rough single-day auction cars that ended up being incredibly cheap because I could not find the same car/listed on any other exporter auction/search engine.

    Good: They are a massive JDM exporting machine. Every importing instance, they shipped out the car within 2 weeks. Every time. I swear, they have hundreds of empty spots on each boat reserved for them. I win auction on day 1. Same day updated. Day 2. Pictures/Car detail report. Day 3-4 Export/De-reg documents emailed. Day 6-9 Car shipped. Amazing.

    Bad: The big guy. It's like buying a car at WalMart. Just feels like I'm feeding a big corporation.

    AutoRec Enterprise (2004-2010)

    Probably the 2nd largest JDM Exporter I've imported from. Every transaction has been really smooth and the communication has been consistent. Even though the english is not 100%, the process of buying to receiving has always been simple and straight forward. I imported my first JDM through this company and I wish everyone's first import would go like mine. The Pajero was a Grade 3.5/B and it turned out to be a 4.5/A. What that means is that is was essentially a brand new vehicle. Less than 10,000 document km's and a locally BC appraisal was set at $17,000 CDN due to the condition. It was an incredible find and the whole transaction was seamless.

    Good: Easy to navigate/online format-fast and clean (japanese to english) communication. Email is best. I found they grade their stock less than it actually is. Also reimbursement for mechanical issues - they reimbursed me the cost of an entire vehicle because I needed to do the brakes on it when it arrived (seized calipers). I didn't ask for compensation. I just made of note of it via email. Their response a few hours later was the credit.

    Bad: Stock/Auction searching - although the two most amazing JDM's I've ever imported have been through AutoRec, they were 3 years apart. I could never find what I was looking for. I ended up going with other exporters who were able to cater to what I was searching for, but my experiences were short of awesome.

    Hope this helps some of you guys looking to use an exporter from Japan.

    I can provide more details on the cars and the people/sale people behind the exporter companies but I feel that would take away from the simple and straight forward reviews I posted.

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    Very good feedback thanks Jesse.

    good to hear all those things about different Exporters.

    Your one of the old timers that has been importing for along time, great to have you input here.
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    Very nice and useful review. Thank you!
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    that is a very good feedback my friend. ty :)
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    And I've bought a car of you, thank you for introducing me to the JDM scene with the legacy GTB, I loved that car and hope to get another.
    Just curious, what inspired you Jesse to do a review like this? I like it and it's a bold undertaken :p
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    Ok so im new here and im looking to import a vehicle. and i have been searching for awhile on what auction to go with what exporter and what site since i plan on doing it myself. but so far ive been leaning towards brave auto international to help out. Im located in the U.S. and im looking to import something thats 25 yrs or older. that way i dont need to spend a ton extra on emission fees and all that. so if anyone could help point me in the right direction please do so.

    p.s. the prices on the auction are in yen and ive converted them to what it would be here and some of the prices seem unreal since alot of the others places ive searched have been much higher. im not sure what to think but i mean if i can get someone to help with advice thatd be great. thank you in advance!! :)
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    Jason in your case I would get in touch with Mark or Derek via their websites. They both respond very quickly and will answer any questions you may have as they both export to the US. I'm not familiar with importing to the states so I'm not of much help.
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    for the US I believe 25 years or older is a must, there is a small list of "allowed historic cars" for super rare cars but don't count on anything you want being on there. also make sure on the auction site, always look at sold prices not the "starting price" sometimes a low price could be from high mileage, a grade "R" (meaning Repaired) or other factors. it takes a bit of auction watching to know what certain cars sell for at that time.

    Also try to budget about 1000-1200 for shipping to the west coast and the 100,000 yen exporter fee.