Mazda DIY - Stereo Install for 2001+ Mazda Roadster (jdm)

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    Writing down a few part numbers and steps to make the job easier for anyone surfing the internet. This is rather quick and dirty with limited pictures.

    This is in regards to a 2001+ Mazda Roadster with the bose sound system.

    The mazda miata/roadster nb2 build dates started around mid 2000. The stereo however, changed sometime in 2001. So, if you have a '2001' mazda roadster, you may have the model year 2002 stereo that has a different plug. If your plug looks like the one below, then follow these pointers to install a new stereo receiver.

    Picture of plug on rear of stereo:

    Parts to purchase:
    1) New stereo. Single or double din both fit. I went with a fully digital single din to save weight and because I listen to music via bluetooth most of the time.
    2) Stereo dash kit - Metra 99-7505
    - amazon or crutchfield
    3) Wiring harness (vehicle side) - Metra 70-7903.
    - amazon or crutchfield
    4) Amplifier Interface - Scosche C4MA02 (the bose system has an amplifier, if you don't want to remove the bose amp and speakers, then you need to turn down the signal from the new stereo to be compatible)
    - crutchfield or somewhere else
    5) Ford stereo removal tools - Metra 86-5618 (needed to pull out the stock stereo). 4 pins is best, 2 pins and a coat hanger worked for me with some inconvenience, or 2 wire coathangers and regretting your decision for 2 hours can also work.
    - crutchfield or bestbuy or many different places

    1) Build your new harness. Instruction came with the Scosche. Essentially, connect the harness that came with your new stereo to the scosche. Then connect that to the Metra 70-7903. Butt splice, tape, solder or what-ever your preference to make it happen. No special pin relocations. One 'tip' is that the miata doesn't have rear speakers, so just terminate the rear speaker wires and save some effort.
    Some good tips here: follow the 02-03' FAQs
    2) Remove the stock stereo. Worse part of this job. See this video for tips:

    3) Assemble your stereo into the stereo dash kit, but don't slide it into the car yet. Instructions come with the kit.
    4) Take your newly built wiring harness and turn the gain on the Scosche down to minimum. Plug in your stereo to the car using your new harness.
    5) Check that the features on your car stereo work. Volume will be quiet until you complete the next step.
    6) Follow the instructions on the Scosche to optimize the gain.
    7) Put the stereo and wiring harness into the car. Done.

    Looks like this if you did it right:
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