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    Feb 10, 2014
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    Was nice to meet you Ryan, thanks for the praise on the car I like it a lot. Wasn't entirely awake at that hour of the morning when you asked about it... To get it on the road I had to replace rear brake pads, the hood shocks, run a module for DRL's, and replace tires. Tires were pricey as they are 245/40R18 front and 275/35R18 rear but it is what it is. Car had 96000 kms on it when it arrived but had not had timing belt done so after I got it registered I did a full service on it. Timing Belt, Water Pump, serpentine belt, timing tensioner and idler pulley etc. Also did valve cover gaskets, cam seals, crank seal, breather hoses, pcv valve, coil pack connectors, changed all the fluids, plugs etc. Since then I have done a few mods: LED tails, pod filter, front mount intercooler, FCD, custom fabbed downpipe, AEM A/F gauge, and AEM Tru Boost Gauge/Controller. Been playing around with the controller trying to find the optimal settings for it for boost. Car gets way more lively now at around 14 psi.