Braden's 03 Celsior

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    Figured I should continue the trend of making a thread of the jdm's and other cars I acquire so I can look back at them fondly after I sell them.

    Sold my daily driver '14 335i and bought this. Late 03 facelift c spec celsior. Has a Wald lip, skirts, and mode Parfume rear bumper (thanks to a minor rear ender). Glad I finally took a dive into these big body cars. Such a pleasure to drive, smooth in every sense and unreal comfortable. I doubt I'll be able to move to anything else, I have my eyes set on S180 crown majestas since they come in V8 and awd. I don't think I'll get rid of this car but I'd like to at least bring one in and try it out.

    Car had a 1" drop on the factory air thanks to a 'youzealand' kit. Summer wheels are some big ol' 20's.

    I suspected one of the air shocks were blown, and the rest were tired. Lead to some undesired handling characteristics. Arguably the best coilovers for these cars other than a stock non air car setup are tein comfort sports which are now sadly discontinued. You can't go majorly low on them but they ride fantastic.

    Off to yahoo auctions I went, bid on a set and won them for a whopping $110. Used RhdJapans bidding service, $290 extra in shipping and fees and 3 days later they were at my door. To my surprise they looked nearly brand new, original plan was to send them to tein for a rebuild at a cost I wasn't majorly fond of, so I took a chance and installed them. All is well, they ride fantastic. I kept the youzealand kit on the car to maintain that extra inch of low that I normally wouldn't otherwise get.

    Winter setup and new coilovers: I don't know how well the 20s are going to fit, I see some fender rolling in my future. This is with the coilovers wound up to the recommended maximum. Had them at the minimum at time of install and the car looked real cool, but wasn't very drivable haha.

    Alignment booked for tomorrow, some fresh pads and rotors should be here Wednesday.
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    Nice Lexus. I knew a guy who ran a brothel from the back of one of these.
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    I like the amount of clarity in this thread.

    "Figured I should continue the trend of making a thread of the jdm's and other cars I acquire so I can look back at them fondly after I sell them."