Mazda Bongo Friendee Friendy Brake light not working

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    Put this info here so it will last forever.
    This relate to Mazda Bongo Friendee Vans 1995 - 2001, also might apply to the Ford Freda but i havent confimed that.

    Anyway i had a Bongo Friendee, and the Rear Brake lights were not working.. So i checked the Fuses, Relays bulbs, wiring etc.
    This site FYI is Awesome for the Fuses, i wish someone would do this for every car... Not me

    So it wasnt any of those items, I pulled the Brake Light switch. all thats required is a 17mm Its pretty easy to get to just at the top of the break pedal. Even for a guy with large monkey hands like myself.
    Switch: (Full part number is: B00166490B)

    And as luck will have it.. its the same as a ton of local mazda's so no issues going to your local parts store and getting one for:
    Mazda MPV 1990 - 1998
    Mazda Miata - 1990 - 1998
    Mazda B2200 1990 - 1998
    and im sure even more models.. Its not hard to find.

    Sucess now the Bongo will pass its Out of Province inspection and my Client will be happy.

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    I had the same thing go on my Mazda Protege this winter. Same part number as well!

    After examining how the old one failed, On the new switch I opened it up and put a bunch of silicone grease in the contacts, should be good for life now.