Honda Accord rear wheel bearing problem...

Discussion in 'Japanese Cars' started by Ihatedomestic, May 18, 2019.

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    Jan 25, 2014
    I've been trying to find a rear wheel bearing for my 2000 CH9 Accord SiR wagon...with very little result.
    JPcarparts gives 4 different OEM numbers...2 of which seem to be a 4 lug design, and the other 2 being 5...I think.
    Partsouq and Fitinpart both provide no numbers.

    What I have determined:
    OEM Honda numbers: 42200-S0D-J51 and 42200-S0D-N51
    Seems like the -N51 number is the most current. I've also seen it referenced as 42200-S0D-N510-M1 and being referenced as NTN# HUB195-12.
    ...but I can't find any stock on these parts (crazy Russian sites and crazy expensive Euro sites aside).

    I have also ordered a bearing from Amazon, which is supposed to fit that style of Accord, but it arrived and only has 4 lugs (Febest part# 0382-CFA50R)

    Any help would be appreciated....
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    Jul 22, 2013
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    They would have sold those models with the same hubs in the UK, right? I'd reach out to a UK Honda dealership parts department and get a quote for the parts, which should get you the part number. If their price is decent then just buy it from them, but at least you could cross shop once you've got the part #.