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    Feb 21, 2015
    Overall experience with them was great until I found out they damaged the edge of all 4 of my rims.

    Inspection took around an hour, and I passed with the exception of my tires needing replaced.

    I liked that AK took the time to get me the same brand of tires. It was also awesome of him to offer to reprint my purchase of the tires a week later so that I could get a rebate.

    I had installed DRL LEDs before hand. I received over 100 pictures of the car from my exporter before arrival, and inspected the car once it arrived in Canada. I had also given my car & rims a quick wash a couple days before bringing in my vehicle for the inspection, so I know that there was no damage on my rims.

    An Important factor that could have been the cause of the damage regarding my rims are that they are 17x7 rims (smaller then stock sizes 8in fronts and 8.5in rears) and that they had the tire sizes 235/45R17 & 255/40R17 (stock sizes for my car) which I replaced with the same size tires. Basically the tires they uninstalled and reinstalled are according to tire specs too large for a 7in width rim. So needless to say they bulge a little, but because of the bulge there would be no way for me to even curb my rims, let alone do it to all 4 of them.

    I did not think to check my rims after they installed the tires because I had figured they would have done a good job, and I only noticed them the day after I had brought my car home.

    I brought my car to a rim repair place and was quoted $150 for each rim to repair, a few others quoted me $125, so an average cost for all 4 rims would lets say cost around $500-600.

    I contacted AK, and even emailed him photos of the damage and the pictures of the rims which i got from my exporter, and he said to bring the car in and he would see what they could do about it. I was super busy with work so I wasn't able to bring my car back until the following week.

    Basically once I got there i was taken in their shop to the tire machines and was given a whole explanation on how they worked by the tire installer and that my rims could not be damaged from them installing the tires. The tire installer denied causing the damage. I was told to go to other tire shops and get their recommendation on the damage to the tires.

    I brought it to a rim repair place and the guy told me that it would be impossible for me to have caused the damage due to how the tires bulge, and I also brought it to another tire installer where the guy said that it really depends on what tire machine they used and how they were handled.

    After phoning AK back and telling him what i was told from the places I went to, he said he would talk with his dad and get back to me. They offered me $200 dollars. Needless to say I accepted the offer as I am not only busy with other things, but did not want to drag out the situation longer when more then likely it wouldn't even come to a final conclusion. A co-worker had told me to go through small claims court, but the amount of time it would have taken and the cost involved probably wouldn't be worth it.

    What really disappoints me is that neither of their tire installers owned up to causing the damage. Basically it came down to my word versus their tire installers word, so I am glad that they gave me some sort of compensation, but at the same time annoyed that this situation happened and i need to repair something that didn't need to be repaired in the first place.

    So for those that decide to get new tires from them just be cautious, and if you have nice after market rims like mine and want to take extra precautions. I would suggest to take photos of your rims the same day with a time stamp at their shop and have their manager look over the rims before the install. And also inspect them after the install before paying. They may feel offended by it, and more then likely nothing will happen to your rims, but on the off chance that it does, at least you have some proof.

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    I feel for you, Lindsay!

    Thanks for your review.
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    The bit about taking pics before and after is good advice for whatever kind of shop your vehicle has to go to when it is out of your hands.