Honda 2002 Honda Mobilio CVT Fluid change

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    Well since there is really no info in english about Honda Mobilio. Im posting this quick CVT fluid flush walk through.
    The Honda Mobilio has a CVT transmission which isnt very good. 2002 Honda release the CVT transmission in the FIT, and Mobilio and some other cars. and well it destroys fluid. so to keep your CVT transmission running its recomended that you flush it every 25,000Kms. Yikes. thats often. Anyways.. here we go.
    1. Drive it around to warm up the fluid so it pours nice.

    2. Jack it up a bit. really you dont need to, but its makes it easier


    3. Remove the Airbox, easier access to the dip stick/filler



    4. Locate the CVT Drain plug (Left side, pretty easy to see)


    5. Drain away


    6. Fill with your Favorite CVT fluid (Honda Branded is recommended)

    7. Drive around a bit, and repeat the process to make sure all the old stuff has been filtered out.

    Should take 3.5L each time. for a total of 7 L
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    Nice write up. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I'm curious about the ride quality of honda mobilio.