2 for 1 thread: '93 Land Cruiser & '99 E55t AMG

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    Jul 22, 2013
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    Finally came to terms with Gturbo, long, ugly story, but there's a new iteration, green wheel vortex grunter extreme on its way to me! Dealing with Australians that never respond to emails is a huge PITA, by the time their day starts mine is winding down and the last thing you feel like doing is making shitty phonecalls at the end of the day, and they seem to take a lot of vacation days over there.

    In the meantime, I've got the stock turbo on with the MBC and running 15psi with no issues. I'll probably turn it back up to 18psi until I get the Gturbo back on. I hadn't really driven the truck at all since January, and the passenger side battery died on me during that time, so I got a pair of new Group 27's in there. ATEB had put Group 24's in when they went over it at the time I imported it, and they seemed to give off a lot of acid which ate up my battery tie down and made a mess of the terminals. I had previously had them re-powdercoated but it was flaking off again, so I got some new ones from Mr. T.

    YIGR7233[1].JPG WPUK3187[1].JPG

    I also ordered a used late model FZJ80 airbox lid as the piping is much larger leaving the airbox, supposed to flow quite a bit better than the HDJ81 version which is squished down at the exit of the airbox (you can see in the 1st pic). That will require some new silicon hoses and extending the threaded rod for the center wingnut, but that's a job for later this summer.